The famous author, Jane Goodall, found herself, just this last year, in a plagiarism scandal. Goodall was planing on releasing a book called “Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants” but before it was published, people found plagiarized passages in her book. Of course, this is a huge deal in the world of print, so she was informed and immediately planned to correct the issue. While she said it was a mistake, there are multiple places of question in the book.

Although her book will eventually be published, the release date was pushed back. Goodall thought she would be able to correct the issues in the future copies and still release the book when planned, but with everything that happened, she had to wait. The book will still be published, but it will always have this negative association with it. People will see the title and remember the talk of her plagiarism, creating a negative connotation of the book.

Not only that, but people will forever see Goodall differently. She is a well known author who has written some incredible and informative books. However, people will not see the same woman anymore. Sadly, because she is so well known, the whole scandal found its way into the news and now thousands of people know about it. That is one negative aspect of fame. Regardless of the significance of the material plagiarized, people know about it. In the future, people will be more skeptical of her writing and her information.

While this could be, and is, a bash on Goodall as a writer, it also points to the editors. Editors should be more attentive to plagiarism and help avoid such scandals. Hopefully the scandal will motivate both authors and editors in the future to be careful about the information they share.

Information for this post came from:
Bailey, Jonathan. “Jane Goodall Embroiled in Plagiarism and Misconduct Allegations.” IThenticate. N.p., 2 Apr. 2013. Web. 25 Oct. 2014.


2 thoughts on “Seeds”

  1. I believe that Jane’s book is going to be great. However it sucks that such a great book will be thought of as bad because of this huge incident. I agree that there will be bad connotation connected to this book, which people may find hard to look past. Great post!


  2. I agree that even though Jane is a famous writer and writes good books, the scandal will affect her quite a lot. People will remember this scandal when they read her books and other stuffs . And she won’t be able to get rid of it in her career.


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