Oh Marsters…

There is this lady whom I absolutely adore, Wendy Marsters. She taught at my high school and I was fortunate enough to have her for biology my freshman year. She is a phenomenal teacher and an incredible person. She is uniquely kind and accepting of everyone she meets. She loves meeting people and learning their stories. I always loved her class because she was animated and enthusiastic about the material. She knows how to teach high school students and loves what she does. However, she has this bizarre obsession with Dave Mathews.

Now I understand liking an artist a lot, buying their albums, and seeing them in concert maybe once or twice. I appreciate music and can get what it is like to see your favorite artists live. But Marsters really is obsessed with Dave Mathews. Like over the top into him. She literally sees every concert in a reasonable and unreasonable distance from our town. I’m sure she has been to over a hundred shows and will continue to go until he dies. She is what you call a dedicated fan. There are posters of him in her classroom, she talks about him during class, and occasionally missed class to attend one of his concerts.

Why she has such an intense interest in Dave Mathews, I may never know. However, I feel I might be able to better understand her reasoning if I spent some time talking to her and really understood how much he means to her. Also, talking to her daughters and getting their perspective of the whole ordeal might help me see where she is coming from. Looking into Dave Mathew’s characteristics and lyrics to see if they apply to Marsters or her life might be of benefit. Maybe there is some odd connection between the two of them…


3 thoughts on “Oh Marsters…”

  1. Mrs. Marsters sounds like a very interesting person. I do not know much about this Dave Matthew’s guy, but I have the exact same obsession with Johnny Depp, so I can totally relate to her. I wrote on a teacher as well, whom I aspire to be like when I grow up. Very well-written blog!


  2. I remember you mentioning in class about writing about your former teacher’s obsession, but only now do I see how much of an obsession it really is! I had to look up who Dave Matthews was, which made the obsession seem even queerer to me, but each to his own. I think we all have little unreasonable obsessions and she just wasn’t afraid to show it. For me, you would not believe how much English inspired objects are hiding in my room.


  3. I guess there is always a teacher has a huge impact on us in our school life. I can tell that your former high school biology teacher definitely had a pretty big impact on you in the good way of course. But in the meanwhile, she’s also obsessing about Dave Matthews. That makes her more fascinating.


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